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Getdone is a dead simple and blazing fast task planner. It helps to organize your big and small tasks and get everything done.

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Less stress more done

We put the GTD® principles at the very core. This framework works. It is opinionated, and it structures your workflow in a particular way. But as a result, you will have more things done in a shorter time with less stress.

Familiar and stable tool

Our commitment is to keep things stable and familiar to you. We are spending most of the time on stability, speed, correctness, and documentation. We do not want to surprise you with new shiny features that you did not ask for.

You are not the product

We charge you a flat rate to keep our systems running. We are not interested in studying your personality using complicated AI to sell insights about your personal life to advertisers. A subscription covers our expenses. It is that simple.

What is getdone?

Humans are creative and are good at planning. But we are bad at remembering. Computers are the opposite. Our app enables you to rely on your natural planning skills and compliments it with reliable storage.

Our system helps to make accomplishing goals less stressful. During the day, our productivity is not constant. This system takes it into account. You plan and refine your actions when you are full of creative energy. And you can execute your detailed plan even if your creative level drops during the day, which it does. At these moments, I often thank my past self for taking care of me.

As a side effect, you will also become faster. Did I mention that less stress also means you will have better relationships with people that you care about?

Another important aspect of this system is the ability to accomplish complex goals that require preparation and research. There are moments when we do not start the project because it seems so complicated. Get Done encourages you to start. And you start with a single simple step. Magically you fly through simple actions and eventually find yourself accomplishing projects that previously seemed impossible.

If you are not familiar with David Allen's “Getting Things Done” book yet, then we suggest you read it.


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